Sliding Glass

Glass balcony systems creates four season aesthetic, functional, insulated and cosy living areas. There are many colour and texture options according to customer choice.

Important About Glass Balconies

All parts have to be stainless and system has to be resistable against different weather conditions. Also movable parts and bearings have to be stainless to not to create problem for long term using. 


Glass balconies has to be safe against robbery with the strong mechanism inside. Lock system is also important for children safety. Also glass panel connection points and carrier profiles strength is important for these issues. Beside this, roll-up blinds and colourful glasses can be applied on these systems.


One of the main important point of glass balcony is water insulation. Main insulation elements;

a) Insulation on sash cap connection parts.
b) Weather piles on glass sashes
c) Aluminium gaskets and UV resistant polyurethane sealants between glass-aluminium connection points.

Another important point is water drainage system of the systems. Our glass balcony systems have double water drainage channels and this specification provides %99 water insulation even under strong rain.


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