3D Blockout fabric has resistance can protect its properties between -30 to +70 degree celcius.
- Blokcout is produces according to European Union tearing, fire resistance and heat insulation standards. 
- Fabrics have 5 years warranty against colour loss.
- Fiberglass layer between PVC layers inreases heat and sun light insulation.
- Standard colours: cream, grey, anthracite grey, black, white.

Electrostatic Powder Coating
- Electrostatic powder coating is made after acid pool curing procedure for increasing durability of paint.
- Any ral colour, textured and wooden finish coatings can be applied.
- Poweder coated paintings have 5 years warranty against colour loss.

Motor Automation
- Somfy, Becker or Turkish brand motors can be used.
- All motors have 5 years warranty and fully integrated on smart house automation systems.

Other Specifications

- Samsung LED ve Elatech brand trigger belt are using in our systems as standard.


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