Ceiling Zip Blind

Our ceiling zip blinds use a ‘zip’ system to ensure smooth operation and to make sure the fabric is firm and taut at all times. A ‘zip’ is welded along the length of the cloth and this runs inside an inner channel. This zip is designed to stop the fabric from being pulled out of the channel and to make sure the blind opens and closes smoothly and evenly. The zip system also makes sure that full-screen coverage is provided for blackout blinds, with no bowing, gaps or light ingress along the edges.

Electrostatic Powder Coating
- Electrostatic powder coating is made after acid pool curing procedure for increasing durability of paint.
- Any ral colour, textured and wooden finish coatings can be applied.
- Poweder coated paintings have 5 years warranty against colour loss.

Motor Automation
- Somfy brand motor can be used.
- Motors have 5 years warranty and fully integrated on smart house automation systems.

- Serge Ferrari Soltis 96 ceiling fabrics can be used as an option.


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